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A strong defense needed by anyone charged with white-collar crime

White-collar crimes may not garner attention from the media like violent crimes, but the consequences of convictions can be just as serious. The main reason for the severity of the consequences is that white collar crimes are the result of federal investigations. If you live in Florida, and you face a charge for a white-collar crime, especially if it was filed under the RICO Act, you could benefit from having a strong criminal defense on your side.

White-collar crimes are generally finance-related offenses, except some cases involving the RICO Act. If you have been charged with an organized crime-related offense, you may find yourself facing serious penalties and irreparable damage to your reputation. Fortunately, the attorneys at Escobar & Associates have years of experience fighting RICO-related charges.

White collar charges that can stem from RICO investigations can involve any number of types of criminal activities outside of the financial arena, including drug trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution. Individuals who face these types of charges often feel the full weight of federal investigators and prosecutors as they face indictments and upcoming trials. The attorneys at our firm work to build criminal defense strategies designed to carry that weight.

With 30 years of criminal law experience, we know how federal prosecutors use evidence to build their RICO cases. Armed with this knowledge, we design strategies aimed at casting doubt on the validity of their evidence. Regardless of the white-collar crime with which you have been charged, we can ensure that your rights are protected, and your interests are represented throughout the federal criminal proceedings.

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