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Various crimes fall under theft offenses category in Florida

When most people think of theft offenses, they think of only theft and burglary. However, in Florida, there are more crimes that fall under the theft offenses category than most realize. In fact, some people may be shocked at some of the crimes listed as property crimes in the state's statutes, along with one somewhat unusual law making some theft crimes more serious than others.

One crime people may not realize is a theft offense, is the possession of a false receipt. If anyone in Florida attempts to gain from using a receipt obtained fraudulently, he or she can be charged with a theft offense. Similarly, a person who attempts to use a counterfeit receipt for personal gain can also be charged with theft.

Another rarely thought of theft offense is the resale of property obtained via Medicaid. If one attempts to or succeeds in selling drugs, medical devices or any other items supplied by Medicaid, he or she can face a theft charge. Additionally, the charge will not be a misdemeanor but a felony.

As for the somewhat unusual law, it was created in an attempt to provide extra protection to Florida's senior citizens. The law states that anyone who commits theft against a person who is age 65 or older may face may see his or her charge reclassified. This reclassification can result in a felony charge if the value of the stolen good is $300 or more.

If you live in Florida, and you face a charge for a theft offense, you may find yourself in shock after learning more about your charge and the serious consequences of a conviction. If you are concerned about the effect a conviction could have on your future, you may want to consider enlisting the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. A legal professional can create a defense strategy that fits your specific situation and can help you work toward having your charge dismissed or downgraded.

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