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March 2016 Archives

How your mental health can affect your charges

In life, we all make some good decisions as well as some poor decisions. What is unfortunate is when a bad decision stays with us, follows us and gains the potential to negatively affect our life over the long term. Misdemeanor and felony charges can do that. Once you are in the system, you may find one poor decision has a domino effect that keeps you from resurfacing back to the land of good decisions and better days. And if you already struggle to keep a clear head and a positive mindset, a conviction can make this struggle that much more real.

The dangers of synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is a combination of chemicals that is cooked up in a lab. These substances are designed to mimic the effects of marijuana however they are far more dangerous. The various combinations of these drugs can vary even within a single "brand" of synthetic marijuana. Despite some popular misconceptions these drugs are (1) dangerous and (2) were banned by federal law in 2012. This article will go over some of the risks of synthetic marijuana and the consequences you could face if arrested.

Teenage minor faces murder charges in Florida

Children grow up so quickly, but even when their bodies mature, and their tongues get sharper, parents still remember that it was only just yesterday that they were running to them in the yard and crying over a scraped knee. And in the grand scheme of things, a sixteen-year-old person was truly a child in every sense of the word only a few years prior.

Important information for those with criminal defense needs

When Florida residents face criminal charges, they usually want to know all of their legal options. Only when all options are clear can an accused individual make an informed decision about his or her criminal defense. One thing those charged with federal crimes may be interested in learning about is Rule 35(b).

How to handle a felony criminal charge in Florida

When most people think of felony charges, they think of violent crimes, such as rape, armed robbery or murder. However, a criminal charge for a non-violent crime can be a felony as well. If you want to know if your charge can result in a felony conviction in Florida, you can get the answers you need from the experienced attorneys at the law firm of Escobar & Associates.

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