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How to handle a felony criminal charge in Florida

When most people think of felony charges, they think of violent crimes, such as rape, armed robbery or murder. However, a criminal charge for a non-violent crime can be a felony as well. If you want to know if your charge can result in a felony conviction in Florida, you can get the answers you need from the experienced attorneys at the law firm of Escobar & Associates.

A good example of a crime that can be either a felony or a misdemeanor is theft. Theft of goods that have a value of $300 or less is a misdemeanor while theft of goods worth more than $300 is a felony. However, the value of the goods is not the only factor that can elevate a theft-related charge to a felony level.

By selling or trafficking stolen items, a person risks being charged with a felony. For example, if one steals a leather jacket that is worth less than $300, he or she would be charged with misdemeanor theft. However, if that person attempts to sell that same jacket, he or she could be charged with dealing in stolen property, which is a felony charge.

Because the intricacies of Florida law are so complex, it may be wise for anyone facing a criminal charge to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you understand your charge and its possible penalties while building a defense strategy designed to fit your situation. Also, a lawyer, such as a member of the legal team at Escobar & Associates, can work toward helping you obtain a reduced charge via a plea agreement if one is offered by the prosecution.

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