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How your mental health can affect your charges

In life, we all make some good decisions as well as some poor decisions. What is unfortunate is when a bad decision stays with us, follows us and gains the potential to negatively affect our life over the long term. Misdemeanor and felony charges can do that. Once you are in the system, you may find one poor decision has a domino effect that keeps you from resurfacing back to the land of good decisions and better days. And if you already struggle to keep a clear head and a positive mindset, a conviction can make this struggle that much more real.

Similar to alcohol and drug treatment options for those facing related charges, psychological charges can sometimes be mitigated if the person charged agrees to seek psychological treatment. Things such as post-traumatic stress, bipolar and other depression-related illnesses could have arguably affected the inflicted person's ability to think clearly and make good decisions, thereby leading to the criminal action or behavior.

While most people would likely prefer that their charges were dropped completely, in some instances that just may not be possible. However, if mental health can be diagnosed by experts, it can be argued that with mental illness present, criminal intent was not. Without criminal intent, something cannot be held as a crime.

The Tampa-based law firm of Escobar & Associates routinely works with mental health experts who can identify appropriate treatment options based on a diagnosis or affirmation of a mental health issue you may suffer from. Mitigation of your charges with the pursuit of psychological treatment may be the best and most viable option to restore your future without the stigma of harsher convictions.

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