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April 2016 Archives

Can I find a job with a theft charge on my record?

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, having charges on your record could always equate to a challenging job search. However, some charges do carry more weight than others, and potential employers may be more reticent to take a chance on someone with a felony or specific types of theft charges on the record of an applicant. You may ask yourself, "should I worry about my record when applying for that job?" 

Florida man in trouble after law poses as parent trafficking kids

Sex convictions are serious and charges of a sexual nature merit a very intense and immediate defense from the harm that looms in their shadows. These shadows have the potential to be far-reaching, and if they come into the light as legitimate dangers, their effects can be devastating and truly life shattering.

Some call it art, the law may call it a crime

There is an art to tagging a wall or building. At least, in many cases. Some downtown areas are tourist attractions specifically due to the graffiti that appreciative passersby have grown to love. But your desire to leave a mark on a property was not well received when you were caught in the act or, for one reason or another, arrested on suspicion of being the guilty party.

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