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Can I find a job with a theft charge on my record?

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, having charges on your record could always equate to a challenging job search. However, some charges do carry more weight than others, and potential employers may be more reticent to take a chance on someone with a felony or specific types of theft charges on the record of an applicant. You may ask yourself, "should I worry about my record when applying for that job?" 

There are various instances of theft, and most fall under the category of either Petty theft or Grand theft. Petty thefts are more likely to be misdemeanors and will fall below a certain specified limit. Grand theft is a taking of property that is worth more than the set amount and is more likely to land you with a felony charge, if convicted.

Where an attorney may be able to help you is in arguing the intent behind the crime. If it can't be proved that the accused intended to take something, knowing it was not theirs and willfully depriving the owner of it, then theoretically, the accused could not be convicted. 

Every situation is different. By speaking with a Florida criminal defense attorney who has knowledge on how the local court systems handle theft and property crimes, you may be able to develop a criminal defense plan that holds water against opposition. While some jobs may hire you with a theft charge, your odds are much better if you can get the charge reduced in severity or dropped altogether.

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