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Florida man in trouble after law poses as parent trafficking kids

Sex convictions are serious and charges of a sexual nature merit a very intense and immediate defense from the harm that looms in their shadows. These shadows have the potential to be far-reaching, and if they come into the light as legitimate dangers, their effects can be devastating and truly life shattering.

Even if you pay your dues to society, do your time and live a supervised life, you still have a stigma around you and will forever be labeled as a sexual predator. You could be targeted for subsequent investigations. And like an alcoholic being lured with booze, if you are addicted or have a weakness for something illegal, it could be intentionally placed in front of you and used to lure you back into something you have been doing your best to overcome.

A man from Central Florida has been arrested and authorities are reaching out to the public asking for any additional information on the alleged repeat offender. The 50-year-old man has been the subject of an investigation that reportedly only began this month. However, he had at least one previous conviction related to a sex offense on his record from less than a decade earlier. Now law enforcement alleges that he believed he was communicating with the parent of two minor males via email and subsequently agreed to meet the boys at a hotel with the intention of engaging in activities of a sexual nature. He now faces charges of enticement and coercion and authorities are letting the public know that he may have been committing other sex crimes.

Innocent until proven guilty does not appear to be a precedent for this man, as is often the case for anyone with a tainted past. Don't let a sex charge forever label you. If you even suspect you are the focus of an investigation of this nature, immediately seeking the advocacy of a Florida criminal defense attorney could be the resource you need to prevent or reduce charges that could be life altering.

Source:, "Central Florida sex offender tried to meet boys for sex, agents say," April 14, 2016

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