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October 2012 Archives

Teen arrested after ex's naked photo sent out

An 18-year-old St. Petersburg man was arrested recently and accused by authorities of sending out a nude photograph of his former girlfriend to other people without her permission. Among the charges against the suspect are video voyeurism and transmitting material harmful to minors, since one of the alleged recipients of the photograph is 14 years old.

Teacher charged with DUI after minor car accident

A high school teacher in the Tampa area has been suspended from work after police in Brooksville arrested her on suspicion of drinking and driving on Oct. 19. The arrest came after the woman was involved in a car accident that caused no injuries. The woman's teaching job could be at stake, depending on how the case is resolved.

Suspicious lab results may overturn drug convictions

When prosecutors in Hillsborough County charge people with a drug crime, they frequently rely on laboratory testing to convince the court that the accused person had drugs in his or her system at the time of their arrest. People might assume that workers in those labs are impartial and simply apply scientific testing to blood samples to get at the truth. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as residents of Boston recently discovered.

Florida grand jury dismisses conspiracy to kidnap charges

A Largo man will not face a charge of conspiring to kidnap a child after a federal grand jury decided not to charge him. The grand jury decided that the evidence did not support the U.S. Attorney's Office's contention that the man planned to kidnap a child from his church and cannibalize him. Though the grand jury did indict the man on charges of possessing child pornography, the dropping of the more serious criminal charge takes away the possibility of a life sentence for the 57-year-old defendant.

US Supreme Court Will Review Warrantless Blood Alcohol Tests

Many states have laws that compel a driver, who has been stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, to submit to a blood alcohol test. In January 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court held that compelling such a test is actually an unreasonable search and seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.


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