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November 2012 Archives

Should police be able to monitor cellphone use without a warrant?

As smart phones have become nearly ubiquitous in Tampa and across the country, the question of how much easy access police officers should have to people's cellphone data is coming up. Courts and state legislatures have struggled to apply the right to privacy that the Supreme Court has said flows from the Fourth, Fifth and 14th Amendments to text messages, email, voice mail and other smart phone communications.

Florida pastor who tried to house homeless arrested for theft

When the leader of a Florida church filed with the state to have some homeless people occupy two foreclosed homes, she thought that she was doing a legal act. And she says the Florida Property Appraiser's Office did not tell her any different. But the pastor and a member of her church have been arrested on grand theft charges.

School bus driver charged with abuse after incident with student

A Tampa-area school bus driver is expected to be charged with a felony count of child abuse after being arrested on Oct. 25. The arrest is in connection with an incident on the suspect's bus that took place between her and an 8-year-old passenger. Authorities say that the driver pushed the girl as she was exiting the bus, causing her to fall and injure her ankle.


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