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July 2013 Archives

Five Florida residents accused of racketeering

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement claims that a cargo theft ring stole truckloads of merchandise as part of an operation that stretched across the entire state. It is alleged that the number of stolen truckloads is in the dozens. Officials believe that items including food, drugs, clothing, tires and electronics simply disappeared. The fact that there were GPS devices installed on many of the missing trucks did not help to prevent the vehicles from vanishing.

Lady smuggles drug contraband into jail inside body

A Florida woman is facing two sets of drug charges after being arrested and taken to jail for drug possession and trying to smuggle drug contraband into the jail. According to police, the woman was found to have two crack pipes in her genitals and failed to inform the arresting officers or jail staff about them. The 41-year-old woman was in the passenger seat of a car during a traffic stop on July 10 when the police searched the car and found a cigar wrapper filled with marijuana in her seat. When she was searched, the officers found a crack pipe in her purse.

Florida man facing theft charges after selling empty beer kegs

A Florida man is being charged with dealing in stolen property after selling four empty beer kegs to a Beverage Castle and attempting to sell eight more. He is also being held on charges of theft, burglary and aggravated assault on a police officer. The charges come shortly after his release from prison where he was serving time for charges of drug possession. Warrants for him had already been issued due to violation of probation.

Private citizens can measure own blood alcohol content

Florida drivers may be interested to learn that blood alcohol testing devices are becoming more commercially available. Technology changed significantly from the time that Breathalyzers could only be owned by police and required training to be operated. Now, a person can buy one of these devices at stores for as little as $30 and may be able to find one that fits on a keychain. There are also products that plug into a person's cell phone. It is thought that these devices can help drivers avoid DUI charges.


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