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Underage college students could face serious penalties for DUI

For many Florida students, heading to college or university is the first step into adulthood. Many students will have their first taste of true freedom and adulthood responsibilities in the first few years of their higher education. However, while college students are adults, there are some things they cannot legally do until they turn 21. This includes the purchase and consumption of alcohol.

Do you have to take field sobriety tests?

There are certain things you are legally obligated to do if a Florida police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop. For instance, if the officer asks to see your driver's license and vehicle registration, you are obligated to meet the request. When you obtained your driver's license in this state, you also implicitly agreed to take chemical tests that a police officer may lawfully request. Should you refuse such a request, you will incur automatic administrative penalties, which often include a driver's license suspension.

Does my Florida DUI affect my out-of-state license?

With the brutal cold up north, ice storms and blizzards, no one can blame you for wanting to escape to the beautiful warmth of Tampa. In fact, you are among thousands who travel south during the harsh winter months of the north, and few are disappointed with what Florida has to offer winter-weary visitors.

Clean hands are important, but can they land you behind bars?

How many times have you read about the importance of frequent hand-washing with regard to avoiding harmful germs, viruses and infections? You may be like many others in Florida who are aware of this crucial hygiene factor but are so busy in the normal course of an average day that you may not always have time to locate a sink to wash your hands. Like most people nowadays, you probably keep hand sanitizer nearby for quick in-between washings and disinfecting.

Did you stand your ground then land in jail?

What do you do if you are in a public place, or even in your own backyard for that matter, and a situation arises where another person threatens to harm you? Do you turn around and walk away? What if you firmly believe that turning your back on the angry person will place you at further risk for harm? If you are convinced that your situation may have life or death consequences, can you stand your ground and defend yourself? Do you know what Florida law says about it?

What constitutes computer crime?

In the last three or four decades, computer technology has exploded. Many Florida residents join the millions of others across the country, and the globe, who have an online life, and you may be one of them. Individuals aren't the only ones who have joined the digital age. Lawmakers and law enforcement agencies from the federal level to the local level have become involved through the enforcement of computer crimes.

Drug trafficking is not treated lightly in Florida

The transportation of illegal drugs through the state has been a major issue in Florida for a long time. Those caught allegedly participating in this type of activity could face significant consequences if convicted in criminal court. Facing a drug trafficking charge? Let an attorney help you navigate your case.

Enhanced protections for "stand your ground"

Not every state permits the use of deadly force as a means of self- defense. Florida residents are fortunate to have a statute permitting you to "stand your ground." Since the law is relatively new, it is still evolving, and lawmakers are presently considering a bill that will make a profound change in the way the law plays out in the courtroom.

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