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Understanding defense options in response to drug charges

Accused individuals should know how to defend against drug charges because so much is on the line when they are facing them. Drug laws vary by state but some common defenses are useful to be familiar with. It is also important to keep in mind that accused individuals always have criminal defense rights and protections regardless of the criminal charges they are facing.

Alleged marijuana operation in Hillsborough busted

Quite a bit of national news attention lately has been devoted to the so-called "opiate epidemic" that is plaguing our nation, as thousands of Americans turn to heroin and prescription medications in their addictions. However, our readers should remember that even though law enforcement efforts may have turned to focus more carefully on heroin and other "hard" drugs, they will still enforce the drug laws regarding marijuana.

Make sure the police in Florida had a reason to stop you

Sometimes in our day-to-day lives it is easy to forget that our nation's laws are based on a constitution that grants individual rights and restricts the rights of the government. However, when it comes to potential criminal offenses in Florida, arrestees are supposed to be immediately reminded of many of those constitutional rights. One of those rights is that law enforcement officers can't just stop anyone they want for any reason.

Legislature debates minimum sentences for drug convictions

A mandatory minimum sentence is a criminal punishment that a judge must apply in a case where the defendant is found guilty of the underlying crime. For many crimes in Florida, judges have the discretion to consider the crime, the defendant and the extenuating circumstances of the case, when handing down a sentence. Many drug crimes may be punished under the somewhat subjective ruling of the court.

Protect your legal rights when facing drug charges

A conviction on drug charges can derail a Florida resident's life plans and throw into question the possibilities for their future. Whether they are arrested and then convicted on possession charges, manufacturing charges, distribution charges or others, there is little a person can do after prosecutors have proven their cases and successfully secured verdicts in their favor. However, it is possible to defend oneself against drug charges, and in some cases, criminal defendants can overcome their charges by examining deficiencies and problems in their prosecutors' cases.

How drug trafficking charges could affect you

Difficult circumstances can befall anyone during his or her lifetime. Though each person's hardships differ as part of their specific circumstances, you may have found yourself in a position that resulted in authorities bringing criminal charges against you. Such situations can easily cause your life to become considerably complicated, and it may help you to understand certain specifics regarding the allegations you face.

Don't wait for presidential action to have drug sentence reduced

For decades now, the so-called war on drugs has led to hundreds of thousands of people being imprisoned for drug violations. Jails and prisons across the country are overwhelmed by people convicted of a drug offense, whether that offense was drug trafficking or possession of marijuana.

Consequences for drug possession conviction in Florida vary

In the state of Florida, accused individuals facing drug-related charges are often unsure about what their futures may hold. For many, this uncertainty is partially due to the lack of information they have about the possible consequences of conviction. At the law firm of Escobar & Associates, we focus entirely on defending those accused of criminal offenses, and we can answer any questions you have concerning a drug offense, including questions about a drug possession charge.

Florida man charged with drug offenses after traffic stop

People in Florida know that the possession of drugs is illegal. For that reason, most people in the Sunshine State simply do not possess them. However, sometimes when a person is facing an arrest for allegedly possessing illegal drugs, he or she may make matters more complicated by attempting to flee from the authorities.

Florida Supreme Court clears medical marijuana ballot measure

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has always been the subject of controversy. Some states have legalized the drug for this purpose, while a smaller number have even made use and possession for recreational purposes acceptable. But in Florida the possession of marijuana for any intent remains a crime. That may be one step closer to changing, though, based on a recent unanimous decision by the state's supreme court.

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