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Did police have valid grounds to pull you over for suspected DUI?

DUI charges in Florida can bring serious, life-altering consequences. Whether it is your first offense, or you have other DUI convictions on your record, you understand how important it is to confront these charges and defend yourself. Building a strong defense starts with a careful evaluation of your arrest and the details of your case.

It is beneficial to start by evaluating the initial suspected DUI traffic stop. If the police lacked valid grounds to pull you over, you could have grounds to challenge the evidence against you. To understand more about reasonable suspicion and the most beneficial approach to your defense strategy against DUI charges, you may start with a complete evaluation of your case. 

40-year-old suspect faces multiple burglary charges

Many of our readers in Florida have probably seen news coverage of reported "crime sprees." These reports, which can be particularly hyped up by law enforcement officials and media personalities, can tend to inflame the passions of the public - oftentimes making a fair jury trial in the community difficult to achieve, among other problems with the case. That may be an issue with a recent arrest.

According to a recent report, a 40-year-old man is facing allegations that he is the culprit behind a string of auto burglaries in the Tampa area. The alleged crimes reportedly occurred over the course of a five-day period of time. Law enforcement officials allege that the suspect was seen on surveillance camera footage in the area of one of the auto burglaries in the middle of the night. In fact, the reports state that the camera footage actually shows the suspect getting into at least two vehicles. When a homeowner reportedly observed the suspect attempting to get into a vehicle in the early morning hours on September 6, the suspect was reported and arrested.

Some common criminal defense options in Florida

After Florida residents have been arrested on criminal charges, usually the first step as the criminal defense strategy develops is to determine what charges the defendant will face and what evidence the prosecution has to attempt to prove those charges in court. From there, a defendant can attempt to determine the right approach to the defense to the case.

Although each criminal case is different, there are some common defense options that defendants will usually consider. For starters, there is the option to simply tell the truth if you believe you are innocent of the charges. This option will likely involve giving a statement to law enforcement officials about the situation at hand and, potentially, testifying in court.

Florida middle-school teacher facing a litany of charges

Every time there is a news story about an inappropriate teacher-student relationship or incident, there is a little bit of "shock value" associated with the coverage. No parent expects that their children will be the victims of sexual assault when they go off to school each day, but the news stories on these incidents bear watching to see what the end result actually is.

According to a recent report, a middle-school teacher in Tampa is facing a litany of charges based on allegations of "inappropriate relationships" with two students. The teacher, a 31-year-old man who teaches algebra to eighth-graders, was recently arrested on the charges. The charges alleged sexual assault, molestation, "lewd or lascivious conduct" and displaying obscene material to a minor.

Know your defense options when it comes to drug charges

Anyone who is arrested in Florida might think that they have no options in the immediate aftermath of being detained. Sure, most people know some of their basic constitutional rights, but today's society also seems to be in the grips of the most "guilty until proven innocent" phase as it has ever been. Arrestees may believe that they have been tried in the court of "public opinion" within hours of being arrested.

This may be particularly true when it comes to drug arrests, which law enforcement officials love to tout in the news. There may be grand proclamations about the amount of drugs seized, and some may even refer to these seizures as "career busts." However, the more that criminal defendants know about their constitutional rights and defense options in the aftermath of a drug arrest, the better equipped they will be to attempt to mount a sound defense strategy.

Can you legally sell a gun to your neighbor?

If there's one topic besides immigration than tends to lead to contentious political debate in Florida and throughout the nation, it's firearms, more specifically, whether or not people should be allowed to buy, sell and use guns as private citizens. Whether you are a gun enthusiast who loves to work on firearms skills as a personal hobby or to develop self-defense skills, are an avid hunter, or carry firearms in your line of work, there are things to know about gun laws to avoid legal problems. 

Especially if you plan to sell a gun, you want to make sure you do so in accordance with existing Florida firearms regulations. If you're wondering whether it's legal to sell a firearm out of your home, perhaps to a neighbor or friend, the answer depends on several factors. Overlooking one or more buying/selling rules may land you in a heap of legal trouble. If that happens, it's critical that you know where to seek support.  

Additional facts about boating under the influence

A previous post on this blog talked about how someone who was likely thought of us a community leader recently found himself in trouble because of a boating under the influence charge.

Since Hillsborough County and the Tampa area are along the coast and also have several inland waterways boaters can enjoy, it may do them some good to understand how Florida's drunk driving laws apply to boaters.

Sheriff's deputy arrested on boating while intoxicated charge

The Hlllsborough County Sheriff's Department, which serves the Tampa area, arrested one of its own deputies recently as part of a routine boating patrol off the coast. The deputy was detained on charges of boating under the influence of alcohol and posted a $500 bail. He has also been suspended from his job without pay until the sheriff completes an internal investigation.

According to reports, another deputy initiated a stop for the purpose of checking the boat for proper safety equipment. The deputy who stands accused reportedly did not slow down right away and instead swapped places with a female on the boat.

Could your diabetes land you in jail on suspicion of DUI?

The number of people across the country and here in Florida who suffer from diabetes seems to grow daily. This condition has become a significant health crisis, and it affects sufferers' lives in many ways.

One way that they and their doctors may not anticipate the condition affecting their lives is during a DUI traffic stop. It is possible for a sober person with diabetes to blow readings as high as .06 when taking a roadside breath test. This may not be Florida's legal limit of .08, but if this is you, the officer may still place you under arrest on suspicion of DUI.

Assault and battery basics

Assault and battery charges are serious criminal charges. In many situations, these two charges will go hand in hand so it is important for accused individuals to understand what they are. Assault refers to when one party places another party in fear of immediate harm. Battery occurs when one party physically strikes another party.

Assault and battery charges are often lumped together in many states so it is helpful to know the laws in your state. The two have distinct legal distinctions and elements, however, so it is also helpful to know what those are. Generally, assault places the victim in fear of harm and can include threats of harm, while battery charges include causing actual harm to the victims. Assault can also be defined as an attempted battery. The elements of a battery include the intentional touching of the victim that is harmful or offensive without the consent of the victim.

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