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Your pursuit of justice should not be deterred because you are convicted of a crime and/or received an unjust sentence. You must not give up hope. Many times your constitutional rights to post-conviction relief by means of an appeal or post-conviction motions is your last and best avenue in your pursuit of justice. The trial process is often replete with judicial errors as well as errors by legal counsel in the representation of a criminal client. Under certain limited circumstances, an appeal can be taken even though a plea was entered. Since the right to appeal after a plea is limited, it is important that you hire an attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

The appellate system was specifically designed to include a panel of multiple judges to review and correct many of these injustices. Escobar, Michaels & Associates has a proud history of successfully representing clients in criminal appeals and post-conviction motions in both state and federal court.

Escobar, Michaels & Associates has a tenacious, innovative and aggressive team of Tampa criminal appeals lawyers ready to find the necessary remedies in our pursuit of justice for you.

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Every appellate brief tells a compelling story. Appellate courts, which are normally composed of three or more judges, need to be artfully persuaded on legal issues, just as jurors need to be persuaded in a trial. The success of a criminal appeal often depends not only on the quality of your legal research, but also on a single compelling argument that persuades the panel of judges that your view is correct under the law. Our appellate lawyers bring a high level of legal knowledge and creativity to the appeals process. We have a well-earned reputation for presenting cutting-edge arguments to challenge the law and benefit our clients.

  • Criminal appeals: The attention to detail we show in all of our work is especially important in appellate work. We look for errors on every page of the appellate record and in every line of the trial transcript. When a client was not represented by a competent trial lawyer, a plea wasn’t voluntary, newly discovered evidence is presented or a prosecutor committed misconduct, our appeals attorneys know how to seek justice in our pursuit of remedies.
  • Post-conviction: The United States Constitution, as well as Florida’s Constitution, guarantees that every accused person receive effective assistance of counsel. Many times, the criminal representation of a client by a defense attorney falls below the constitutional standard of competency and, therefore, results in a miscarriage of justice. Likewise, exculpatory evidence is sometimes discovered after the trial and sentence. The criminal justice system allows post-conviction motions to correct those injustices.

The lawyers at Escobar, Michaels & Associates are passionate about their work and confident that their efforts produce the necessary results for our clients. Find out why clients have counted on our Florida post-conviction relief attorneys since 1986.

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