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Florida man arrested for past probation violation

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2014 | Criminal Defense

A Florida man on the run from parole violations that he allegedly committed nearly three decades ago has been apprehended out-of-state, where he seemed to have been living out in the open until authorities finally learned of his whereabouts.

Interestingly, the county where the suspect was apprehended appears to be a common spot for Florida fugitives; he was the sixth such individual arrested there in the past two years.

When many people think of crime in Florida, it is easy to focus on high-profile. Many forget, however, that even simple violations of the terms of one’s probation can lead to jail time. 

Even if those violations were unintentional or inadvertent, they are still infractions that all Florida courts and prosecutors take very seriously. As this man’s case illustrates, time and distance are not of much help for a person who flees from the legal consequences of criminal convictions. 

Although it remains to be seen exactly what charges may be brought and what punishment may be sought against the alleged parole violator, this case should serve as a reminder of the importance of following through with the terms of any and all probation programs. It also demonstrates that justice never forgets, and in the state of Florida that means that if you are charged with a probation violation, taking flight usually will only delay the inevitable. 

If you are worried that you may have violated the terms of your probation in Florida, then instead of contemplating running from the law you may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney about what, if any, options you have to safeguard your rights and to ensure that you are treated fairly by law enforcement and the judicial system.


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