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Criminal defense representation requires a holistic approach

On Behalf of | May 22, 2015 | Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a Florida state or a federal crime, and you are not interested in making a guilty plea, then there are two words in the English language that will become the focal point for your defense: “reasonable doubt”. If you can establish enough doubt in the mind of the prosecuting attorney, that person may become more willing to at least entertain making a plea deal with you if not dropping the case. And if the case goes to trial, creating reasonable doubt in the minds of at least some of the jurors can make the difference between freedom or incarceration.

But how do you go about establishing reasonable doubt? You cannot simply rely on the hope that the prosecution or the jury will just take your word for what happened. Nor should you count on the prosecution to make a critical error in the presentation of its case. You need to prepare your defense long before the matter ever gets to the courtroom.

Solid case preparation is a signature characteristic of the law firm of Escobar, Michaels & Associates for nearly 20 years. To help tell your side of the story, even if you choose not to testify, we use a multi-pronged strategy that includes examining the scene of the alleged crime and forensic evidence examination, discerning what witnesses the prosecution will use and what they will testify to, uncovering mitigating circumstances in your favor, legal research of past case law precedents and more to either convince the prosecution that its case is not as solid as it would like to have a jury believe or to exploit enough weaknesses in the case at trial to persuade the jury that the prosecution has not met its burden of proof.

No ethical attorney can guarantee an outcome for you. But we can say that the more comprehensive and intensive your pre-trial case preparation is, the better your chances are of getting the best possible outcome if you are facing criminal charges.

To learn more about how we can represent you as the defendant in a criminal matter, and to schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 813-513-0274. Or, if you prefer, you can use our website to contact us.