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Can you legally sell a gun to your neighbor?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense

If there’s one topic besides immigration than tends to lead to contentious political debate in Florida and throughout the nation, it’s firearms, more specifically, whether or not people should be allowed to buy, sell and use guns as private citizens. Whether you are a gun enthusiast who loves to work on firearms skills as a personal hobby or to develop self-defense skills, are an avid hunter, or carry firearms in your line of work, there are things to know about gun laws to avoid legal problems. 

Especially if you plan to sell a gun, you want to make sure you do so in accordance with existing Florida firearms regulations. If you’re wondering whether it’s legal to sell a firearm out of your home, perhaps to a neighbor or friend, the answer depends on several factors. Overlooking one or more buying/selling rules may land you in a heap of legal trouble. If that happens, it’s critical that you know where to seek support.  

Basic selling laws in Florida 

Every state has its own buying and selling regulations concerning firearms. The following list highlights basic facts about this state’s laws:  

  • People under age 18 may not purchase firearms.
  • People between the ages of 18 and 20 may only purchase certain types of firearms under certain conditions.
  • People age 21 and beyond may purchase any legally available firearm unless they are in a prohibited category. 
  • If you’re selling a firearm, you and your buyer must be able to show valid Florida ID cards before your transaction takes place. 
  • Your buyer does not need a concealed carry permit to buy a gun from you.
  • Before selling a gun in Florida, you’ll want to make sure your buyer is not legally prohibited from purchasing it. 
  • Always use a bill of sale to help track your sale and purchase. This way, if someone ever steals or uses the gun you sell to commit a crime, you can show proof of your sale and exactly who purchased your gun. 

Before you sell a gun in Florida or anywhere, you’ll want to make sure it is not listed on any governments sites as a stolen firearm. If you make arrangements to sell a gun to someone and during the transaction you do not feel comfortable, it may be best to walk away without completing the sale. If you run into legal trouble regarding owning, buying or selling firearms, there are support resources available to help you protect your rights.