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49ers player accused of domestic violence in Hillsborough

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Relationships aren’t always easy. This is especially true of relationships with spouses, children or other loved ones. However, that is no reason to resort to violence. Domestic violence is a serious allegation and can have criminal repercussions.

A San Francisco 49ers player, Reuben Foster, was accused of domestic violence in Hillsborough County. This isn’t the first time the NFL player has face criminal charges. He has also been accused of misdemeanor drug crimes and was on probation when the arrest for domestic violence occurred.

In response, the team announced that they are cutting the player from the roster, and he has been officially placed on waivers. An arrest report from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office said Foster was booked into jail and released the next day on $2,000 bail.

He has not stood trial for these charges but will likely be building a criminal defense in preparation for that day. He could also consider a plea deal as part of his criminal defense strategy. Whatever happens, the accused has choices. It may not actually appear that way, but it’s important to understand the different options available when facing criminal allegations.

Obviously, these situations can be very uncertain and stressful. Seeking experienced legal representation can be very helpful for establishing a plan of action and moving through the ordeal in the most positive way possible. By taking all facts of the case into account, a strong plan of legal action can be formulated. These are not minor accusations, and they must be handled professionally and correctly.