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Don’t lose your reputation due to a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Drunk Driving

As a person with a good job, an impressive income, good relationships and who is a respected member of your community, you may not realize the importance of your reputation until you lose it. The way that you are thought of in your community, whether your place of work, the neighborhood you live in or the group of friends with whom you socialize, affords you many opportunities that you may have taken for granted until now.

Unfortunately, a reputation can take years to build up, but it can be lost in a split second. For example, the people you work with may have come to view you as a respectable and dependable person after years of working with you. However, if they learn that you were arrested on DUI charges and that you potentially put the lives of other people in danger due to drunk driving, they may lose all respect for you and no longer want to associate with you. The following is an overview of the ways in which a DUI can affect your reputation, and what you can do about it.

You may lose your job

Court dates, jail time and community service hours could affect your ability to perform your job, and as a result, you may be let go. Many employers fire employees who are charged with DUIs.

You may struggle to gain employment

When applying for new jobs, it’s likely that potential employers will conduct background checks, and they may decide not to hire you because of your DUI conviction.

 Your driving privileges will be lost

You’ll be unable to drive for a significant amount of time after your conviction, which can limit your freedoms and participation within the community considerably.

Your friends may not want to associate with you if you are convicted of a DUI. Make sure you protect your reputation and clear your name by aggressively defending yourself against accusations of a DUI.