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Can your computer be taken if you’re accused of a sex crime?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Many people unwittingly worsen their situation when the police accuse them of a crime. They say or do things that make it easier for the police to build a case against them.

One such example relates to digital sex crimes. Some people believe they have to hand over their phone, laptop or hard drives just because the police ask. You do not. Here is how it works:

Police can only take your property if they have a search warrant

The police must get a search warrant if they want to enter your house (unless you invite them in). They also need one if they wish to take away your electronic devices. These warrants are specific, so if the police do have one, check its coverage.

Should you delete any inappropriate content?

Law enforcement authorities have access to a range of technology that can help them recover things people thought they had deleted. If you do not believe you have done anything wrong, deleting may make you feel and look more guilty than you are.

It is perfectly possible to have illegal content on your electronic devices without having committed a crime. For example:

  • Someone used your computer to browse inappropriate content so as to reduce the chance it was traceable to them.
  • Someone put things on your computer to set you up
  • Someone sent you something that you had no wish to receive

Sex crime accusations can have serious consequences, even if you are acquitted. Getting urgent legal help to understand what to do will be crucial to protecting your reputation and freedom.