The Criminal Defense Attorneys at Escobar & Associates Have Successfully Defended Some of the Most High Profile Criminal Cases in the State of Florida

Local and National News Articles regarding Curtis Reeves Murder Trial Found Not Guilty

Attorney Escobar Destroys Lead Detective on the Stand – Witness Contamination, Lack of Experience

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trialSnapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial
Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Snapshot of Curtis Reeves trial

Curtis Reeves’ Stand Your Ground Hearing — Biggest Stand Your Ground Motion in Florida to Date

Curtis' Reeves Stand Your Ground Hearing

State share vidShooter on bail

set for march


Trial put off


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ABC Action News

Tampa Bay Times

Criminal Defense Attorneys at Escobar & Associates Win York Case: Charges Dropped For Former Tampa Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault – Charges Were Total Fabrication



Child Abuse Charges Dropped Against Hillsborough County Middle School Principal and Wife

Florida Couple Exonerated of Child Abuse Charges

January 2018 – The Florida state’s attorney’s office today dropped child abuse charges against Coleman Middle School principal Michael Hoskinson and his wife Kimberly Hoskinson, a Plant High School teacher, after discovering that a key witness fabricated and manipulated evidence against them. The husband and wife, who resigned their positions after their arrests, will both be instated with their respective schools. Attorney Rick Escobar represented the couple.



Principal, wife cleared of abuse accusations
Attorney: Tampa educators won’t face child abuse charges


State Attorney: Witness fabricated evidence against principal, teacher accused of child abuse
Coleman MS principal, Plant HS teacher rehired after child abuse charges dropped


Israel Carrillo: First Degree Murder Charges Dismissed after Escobar Team Destroyed State’s Allegations

After 20 years, man wanted in Hillsborough murder found in Mexico

Tampa July Aquits J.J. of all Theft Charges

Tampa teenager acquitted


Charges Dropped Against Amanda Gary Who Was Accused of Aggravated Child Abuse in Hillsborough County

Charge dropped against Hillsborough foster mom accused of abuse



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