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Florida man convicted of multiple drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2013 | Drug Charges

A Florida man was convicted on several drug charges after a two-day trial. According to the report, the man was taken into police custody after law enforcement officers allegedly discovered drugs and a large sum of cash in a safety box in his apartment in 2012. Officers also discovered approximately $4,000 on his person when they took him into custody.

He was convicted for possession with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver cocaine, possession of marijuana, trafficking oxycodone, trafficking hydrocodone and possession of drug paraphernelia. He will be sentenced on Oct. 15.

In Florida, law enforcement agents continue to take the accusations of drug possession and drug trafficking very seriously. Those who are convicted face severe punishments, including a jail sentence, hefty fines and court fees, probation and a criminal record. These punishments can become even more severe under certain conditions. For example, those who are accused of distributing controlled substances within a school zone may face a longer jail sentence and higher fines. However, an experienced Florida attorney may be able to help their client fight the allegations or reduce the charges and punishments.

In some cases, the attorney may be able to discredit any information that was provided to law enforcement officers by informants, who are often looking to reduce their own sentences or charges. Using expert witnesses, police reports and other available evidence from the case, the attorney may also be able to challenge the charges demonstrating that law enforcement officers did not have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, and therefore legally searched the individual’s home or person.

In the event that a conviction looks likely, the attorney may also attempt to have the charges reduced. They may have their client enter into a rehabilitation facility in lieu of a prison sentence.

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