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Tampa Drug Offenses Lawyer

The war against drugs rages on in Florida and across the United States. Law enforcement agents from local police to county sheriffs to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents continue to aggressively pursue and prosecute violations of laws controlling banned substances.

In law enforcement’s quest to ban controlled substances and punish those who sell and use these substances, citizens’ rights are constantly violated. Law enforcement agents at all levels routinely stop, detain and arrest individuals without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or probable cause that a crime has taken place. Law enforcement agents, believing the ends justify the means, may exaggerate or even lie about the facts of a case. No one, including the police, has the right to violate an individual’s constitutional rights.

If you have been accused of a drug crime, it is crucial to have a lawyer on your side who will be vigilant about protecting your rights. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our Tampa drug offenses attorneys will begin working immediately on your defense, building a strong case aimed at getting results.

We take on complex as well as relatively minor drug cases involving:

We are not attorneys who think “plea bargain first, trial second.” Rather, we prepare every case for trial and will not even begin to consider a plea agreement until we have exhausted all other options. We believe that defense attorneys should only negotiate with the prosecution on a resolution of your matter from a position of strength. This can only happen after the defense has conducted a thorough investigation that considerably weakens the prosecution’s case.

A Powerful Defense Is Your Best Offense If You Face Drug Charges

In the United States, it is estimated that 19 out of 20 (95 percent) drug cases are based on the work of unsupervised and untrained confidential informants. These informants are typically rewarded for the information they collect in terms of reduced charges. As such, informants have a clear incentive to provide false or exaggerated information about drug sales or drug use.

In every case, our law firm will investigate the informant’s background as well as the legitimacy of the informant’s information. If the police make an arrest based on false information, the evidence must be suppressed and the case dismissed. In drug cases as well as in all criminal cases that our defense lawyers handle, we take nothing for granted. We accept no evidence at face value. A detailed investigation often uncovers surprising facts that we put to use for our clients’ defense. A piece of “rock cocaine” that someone bought on a street corner thinking it was a narcotic may have actually been a chunk of salt. After our attorneys review and analyze laboratory test results, we often discover keys to a powerful defense for clients who have been accused of crimes involving drugs.

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