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Second Broward County judge accused of drunk driving since March

On Behalf of | May 8, 2014 | Drunk Driving

The drunk driving arrest of a Florida judge who, perhaps ironically, has been in charge of misdemeanor drug cases, highlights some of the human aspects connected with the issues that arise when people mix alcohol and driving.

While driving, the judge allegedly collided with a stationary vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that was struck suffered an apparent neck injury that required a trip to the hospital. After the accident the judge at first allegedly volunteered to have a blood alcohol test performed on her, but then changed her mind; she also evidently refused to take a breath test.

Struggles with the effects of alcohol do not confine themselves to any particular class of people, but affect a wide range of individuals. People from all social levels and in all occupations, including some who we might ordinarily think should know better, can be accused of such crimes. In fact, the judge involved in this recent accident is the second judge from that county to be charged with drunk driving since March of 2014.

The range of possible penalties in this drunk driving case are not yet clear. At the time of the incident the judge was on leave from work, apparently due to suspicions that she had on two occasions in a four-month period arrived at work while intoxicated.

Aside from the possible criminal law implications – the state attorney’s office has apparently requested a prosecutor from another county in the case — the state Judicial Qualifications Commission can also recommend that she be removed from office.

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