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Lawyers Defending You From Drunk Driving Charges In Tampa

If you have been charged with DUI in Tampa or a nearby city, the attorneys at Escobar, Michaels & Associates are prepared to examine every detail of the facts of your case in pursuit of the key to your defense. We represent Florida residents, tourists and students accused of drunk driving in the Tampa area.

Charged with DUI while visiting Florida? Our lawyers are here to help you return home as soon as possible.

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Society at large, and Florida law enforcement agencies in particular, are serious about curbing the dangers of drunk driving on our streets and highways. Unfortunately, sometimes police become overaggressive in traffic stops. They often overlook key principles related to our clients’ constitutional rights in connection with DUI charges and arrests.

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As zealous and passionate advocates of the accused, our lawyers will uncover every detail that might provide you with the greatest potential, preserving an assumption of innocence until proven guilty. When prosecutors attempt to prove our clients’ guilt by trampling on their constitutional rights, they soon discover our aggressive style of defense.

Police may engage in unlawful search and seizure when they stop motorists without probable cause. This becomes legally problematic when they later arrest a motorist on suspicion of drunk driving. A highly knowledgeable and aggressive drunk driving defense attorney will find those avenues of defense and put them to use in defense of the accused.

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If you have been charged with drunk driving in Tampa, attorneys at our law firm will evaluate your case at no charge. Call 813-513-0274 or contact us by email to arrange free initial consultation with one of our experienced drunk driving defense lawyers.

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