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Teenage minor faces murder charges in Florida

Children grow up so quickly, but even when their bodies mature, and their tongues get sharper, parents still remember that it was only just yesterday that they were running to them in the yard and crying over a scraped knee. And in the grand scheme of things, a sixteen-year-old person was truly a child in every sense of the word only a few years prior.

When your teenager makes mistakes, you teach them to learn from them. For in every mistake is a life lesson waiting to be learned. But what happens if the mistake is so egregious that it warrants a punishment beyond the reach of the parent and is dictated by a court of law? What if the child is not given the chance to learn from the mistake?

In the case of a young man in Apopka, this may prove to be just the case. After he and his friends had played with a gun inside and outside of a house, the gun fired and killed a 15-year old girl. The boy reportedly holding the gun when it fired was arrested on charges of murder.

While reports say the accident is still being investigated, the child is facing second-degree murder charges. He is being held in prison and is likely scared senseless and highly remorseful. Lesson learned?

If your son or daughter is facing charges of murder or other felony charges, you don't have to be told that you need to act fast. Every minute your child remains incarcerated feels like an eternity. A Florida criminal defense attorney may be able to offer immediate comfort and put a plan into place to reduce or eliminate the charges.

Source: News Talk Florida, "Murder Charges For Florida Teen In Shooting," Steve Summers, March 22, 2016

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