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Understanding defense options in response to drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Drug Charges

Accused individuals should know how to defend against drug charges because so much is on the line when they are facing them. Drug laws vary by state but some common defenses are useful to be familiar with. It is also important to keep in mind that accused individuals always have criminal defense rights and protections regardless of the criminal charges they are facing.

Drug charges carry significant and harsh potential penalties and consequences. Criminal defense options may include challenging the facts as stated by authorities; challenging testimony provided by witnesses; challenging alleged evidence against the accused individual; challenging the charges based on procedural errors such as search or seizure violations; or others.

Additional challenges to drug charges may include arguing that the drugs belonged to someone else, that the substance authorities found was not drugs and that there is a problem with the crime lab analysis or entrapment. Many criminal defense strategies are based on a violation of the procedures designed to protect the rights of accused individuals such as if the police conduct an improper search or seizure in violation of the accused individual’s rights or violate their right not to incriminate themselves or right to representation.

Drug charges can rob an accused individual of their freedom and future which is why it is necessary for them to be familiar with their rights. Understanding how to develop a strong criminal defense strategy in response to serious drug charges can be essential for individuals facing drug possession or other drug charges.

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