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Nevada estate plan can include kids’ inheritance

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2012 | Inheritances

Many Generation Z people in Nevada and across the nation expect to inherit money from their parents. This may lead some of them to fail to appropriately save for their future, one report indicates. That could be bad news for some parents who, in the study, were less likely to believe that their children would inherit wealth from their estate after their death. However, many kids in the study were already saving for immediate needs such as college and living expenses.

According to the study, researchers found that 40 percent of people ages 13-22 in Nevada and across the country expected to inherit money after their parents’ deaths. However, only 16 percent of parents believed that they would be able to leave money to their children in their estate plan. This is a change from past generations where parents expected to leave large sums to their kids and worried less about their own retirement plans.

Parents today have more concerns that they will not be able to retire as early as they once thought. In addition, many have concerns that the funds that they have saved will be used to pay for their own retirement and medical costs. This could leave little for children expecting to inherit money.

Authorities suggest that parents talk to their kids about financial matters earlier rather than later. These discussions may, they assert, lead to kids understanding that they need to save rather than waiting to inherit. For parents and kids, making a financial plan and beginning the estate planning process can lead to a better financial future in most cases.

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