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Tampa Homicide Lawyer

Whether you are successful in the defense of your murder charge depends on how fast you act from the very beginning. Although a homicide charge is one of the most difficult to defend, there are many situations that justify and excuse the killing. To make sure that such a defense is available to you, you must set the stage early. The attorneys of Escobar & Associates specialize in the defense of murder cases. This includes presenting the case to a jury, or coming to some other resolution without going to trial.

The terms murder and homicide refer to the act of killing another human being. There are several degrees of homicide including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, felony murder and manslaughter. Like with any other crime, those accused of homicide have the right to a lawyer, the right to a jury trial, the right to remain silent, the right to confront his or her accusers, and the right to produce evidence.

Noncriminal Homicides

Sometimes, although someone is killed, no crime has been committed because the killing is justified or excused. Self defense is easily one of the most recognized of the defenses that make a homicide noncriminal. If a person believed that his or her own life was in danger, self-defense can be used to successfully defeat a murder charge. Other defense theories can include insanity in which a person is excused from criminal liability for breaking the law because he or she was mentally ill at the time of the crime to the extent that he or she did not appreciate the nature of the act, its consequences and that it was wrong. Sometimes an incident is nothing more than an accident, and not criminal in nature. Often the person accused is misidentified as the perpetrator, or has an alibi that proves that he or she was at some other place when the murder took place. Very common in homicide cases is false identification and false testimony against the accused by an alleged victim or witness. Early intervention and investigation by a legal defense team is the key to a good outcome in a murder case. At Escobar & Associates, we have also developed theories to defeat any DNA and fingerprint evidence the prosecution has developed.

As soon as you become a client of Escobar & Associates, we set out on our own investigation to learn the specifics about your case. Law enforcement does not investigate the facts and witnesses that prove you are innocent. On the contrary police seek out the evidence that indicates the accused is, in fact, guilty. To counter this, we have developed our own forensics experts and investigators who help us defend your case. These experts include former medical examiners, DNA experts, ballistic experts, pharmacologists, jury consultants, and psychologists and psychiatrists.

Regardless of your defense, we will work with you to develop the most effective case strategy. An experienced lawyer who has a long and successful history of dealing with homicide cases is your best defense when you are faced with a murder charge. Call us today.

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