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Cops claim to have arrested Florida pot dealers

On Behalf of | May 9, 2013 | Drug Charges

After an investigation that took six months, the Sarasota Police Department said that it arrested two males accused of selling marijuana. The men, a 66-year-old and a 38-year-old, face drug charges of cannabis possession with intent to sell. Additionally, one was charged with transporting drug paraphernalia.

The Sarasota police chief said that the investigation started last September when officers received an anonymous clue that one of the men was selling drugs at nightclubs in the area. After detectives spent time gathering evidence and covertly observing the man, they claim to have discovered that he was part of a large marijuana sales effort based out of a rented home in the Park East neighborhood. The arrest came when the police observers later saw the other accused individual delivering a large quantity of marijuana to the Park East home in a cardboard box. Upon seizing the drugs, the detectives allegedly found $5,000 worth of the drug in individually-packaged, labeled bags as well as over $130,000 in cash.

Because the men involved in this case had previous drug arrests, they may face harsher sentences than they would otherwise. It is as yet unknown whether other complaints police say they received about criminal activity at the residence will figure in as well.

Drug charges and convictions can ruin people’s lives. After being indicted, it may be harder to find gainful employment, even if one is not actually convicted. Although drug charge cases such as this one seem to present evidence of guilt, those who are accused trafficking or possession often find that working with attorneys helps them build better court defenses.

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