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Two Florida residents arrested for drug-related crimes

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Drug Charges

Two Florida individuals have been taken into custody after being pulled over during a traffic stop after an officer noticed that one of the vehicle’s headlights was out. According to reports, the men were eventually arrested for drug possession.

Once the vehicle had pulled over, the officer allegedly discovered that the driver was driving without a license. The man was asked to leave the car to talk with the authorities. A second officer from the K-9 unit was alerted to the presence of drugs by her canine companion.

After searching the vehicle, the deputy allegedly discovered a can of hairspray that had a false bottom. Various drugs, including cocaine, LSD and marijuana were reportedly recovered from the can. The driver maintained that she did not know who the drugs belonged to. More drugs, including Xanax, were allegedly recovered from the second individual’s sock.

Both individuals are facing multiple drug charges for possessing illegal substances and drug paraphernalia. The driver has been charged with driving with no license and the passenger has been charged with allowing an unauthorized individual to drive. It is unknown if the two are represented by attorneys.

When individuals are arrested for drug charges, they have the right to an attorney and to maintain innocence until proven guilty, regardless of the evidence against them. An experienced Florida attorney may be able to help defend clients against these charges by examining the evidence in a detailed investigation. The attorney may be able to mitigate the charges by questioning the authority’s probably cause for searching the vehicle, which could result in the exclusion of any evidence found during the search. They may also be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed if no consent was given to search the vehicle.

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