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Nevada estate planning can include interesting will clauses

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Inheritances

Readers in Nevada are used to hearing about interesting cases from celebrities and other unique individuals. In our state it is common to hear about Elvis-themed weddings and extreme funerals. Now, one report indicates that many people also leave unique clauses in their estate planning documents.

A new report that may be of interest to our readers in Nevada lists many unique requests that people, celebrity and not, have left in their estate planning documents. These include a man who wished to have his head and body preserved for display in a large museum. Another who sought to have his ashes buried in a can of Pringles potato chips (the man had invented the can) was also on the list.

Napoleon Bonaparte sought to have his head shaved upon his death. The hair was to be distributed to friends and family. This request was followed and recently the hair was analyzed. Doctors discovered large amounts of arsenic in the hair.

Wills and other estate planning documents are intended to allow a person to direct how their assets are distributed after they die. In addition, to is common for specific bequests to be granted by individuals in Nevada. Not every person has a unique request like those reported, although those left behind seek to follow the wishes of the person who has died in most circumstances. Because of this effort, it is typically important for those who are creating an estate plan to seek information about all of the available options before drafting and executing the appropriate documents.

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