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Church gift shop robbed by man in baggy pants

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Felonies

A Florida man was arrested after he attempted to rob a church in baggy pants. The 31-year-old man, who had been praying in the sanctuary of the church near Walt Disney World, allegedly attempted to steal the cash drawer from the church’s gift shop. Though the amount of money that was taken was not released, church officials say that their gift shop is the largest in the southeastern U.S.

According to reports, the church’s maintenance director followed the alleged robber into the courtyard. As he noticed the man’s baggy pants were slipping off of his waist and he was trying to pull them up so he could run, the church worker grabbed them so the pants went down further and the alleged robber fell to the ground. The maintenance director held the man on the ground until deputies arrived. He was charged with felony robbery.

The sheriff’s department reported that four clerks and 12 customers were in the gift shop at the time of the alleged robbery. However, because the baggy-panted man did not have a weapon and he took the money so quietly, most of them report that they were not aware that a robbery was happening.

A person who is charged with a felony such as robbery may face serious penalties if they are convicted. A criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling felony cases may be able to initiate their own investigation into the alleged crime, including talking to witnesses who were present at the scene of the alleged crime. A lawyer may also attempt to work with prosecutors to negotiate an alternative to jail, such as electronic monitoring and house arrest.

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