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Suspected Bank Robber Apprehended In St. Johns County

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2013 | Felonies

U. S. Marshals tracked an alleged bank robber to southern Florida and apprehended him on Sept 9. The man has been accused of committing one bank robbery and suspected in two others in the state of Florida. He is currently in custody and awaiting formal charges.

The suspect has a criminal charge against him stemming from an incident in St. John’s County on Sept. 2. Witnesses claim that the suspect entered a bank, approached a female teller, and demanded that she give him cash. He was then said to leave the scene of the crime with an undisclosed amount of money. A witness at the scene recorded the license plate number of the vehicle he allegedly used to flee.

The defendant in these felony charges is also suspected of having carried out another bank robbery in Volusia County, and there are indications that he was involved with an attempted bank robbery in Flagler County. Police officers in these locations are continuing their investigations. If evidence of his complicity is discovered then he will be charged and tried in three separate counties.

The serious charges against this man could result in substantial prison time. Florida is a “three strikes” state, meaning that its laws mandate longer sentences for repeat offenders. These three separate incidents alone are enough to make him susceptible to an increase in sentencing, even if he has no prior convictions. In circumstances as perilous as these, an experienced criminal law attorney could help. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, familiar with Florida law and practice, might be able help to work out plea bargains, combine charges and design other methods to blunt the impact of the habitual offender statutes.

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