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Man accused of large-scale distribution of ‘Spice’

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2014 | Drug Charges

A 28-year-old Florida man who had recently won tickets to see the finale of “Breaking Bad” has been accused of drug crimes. On Dec. 31, the man was taken into custody after authorities accused him of distributing synthetic marijuana, also called “Spice,” on a large scale. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office commented that the arrest would seriously limit the availability of “Spice” within the United States.

After his home was raided, the man was charged with various drug offenses, including synthetic drug possession with intent to sell or manufacture. Authorities report seizing 79,000 individually wrapped packages of “Spice” that are thought to have a combined value of $1.25 million. Thousands of dollars worth of money orders, guns and a souvenir “Breaking Bad” hazmat suit were also found.

According to reports, authorities determined that the man was involved in a nationwide drug operation thanks to “several key indicators” they allegedly found during the raid. Police have not explicitly said what they believe those indicators are, though it is known that other people have been charged for their involvement in the alleged drug operation. A 35-year-old man and a 33-year-old man were also charged in connection with the case.

A defense attorney may be able to assist individuals charged with drug crimes by disputing the legality of a raid that takes place at a home. In some cases, raids conducted by investigators may be found to have been improperly executed. When this is the case, any property seized during the raid may be inadmissible evidence during a trial.

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