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Several arrested in alleged drug ring in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | Drug Charges

A recent anti-drug operation has resulted in five arrests in Florida, as well as the issuance of arrest warrants for five more individuals. The arrests and warrants are the culmination of an investigation that took months, during which personnel of the DEA used wiretaps and confidential sources to gather information and evidence against the accused suspects.

The wiretaps revealed individuals allegedly conspiring with each other to purchase and distribute marijuana and narcotics. The accused apparently used slang and code to refer to drugs in their phone calls and text messages, but investigators were evidently still able to determine with specificity what they were talking about.

Investigators furthered their investigation by using confidential sources to buy drugs within the central Florida region, during which they were able to obtain multiple ounces of marijuana, cocaine, and Molly, the slang name for the drug that is the effective ingredient in the illegal club drug also known as Ecstasy.

These apprehended defendants are facing drug offenses for drug possession and trafficking, with possible jail terms that could amount to 90 years upon conviction.

News accounts can sometimes make convictions based on drug arrests seem inevitable, but that is not always the case. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors must adhere carefully to legal requirements that govern how they gather evidence, and if they make a mistake it might result in evidence not being allowed in court.

In complicated cases such as this, that involve complex practices like wiretaps and confidential sources, an attorney can be helpful in mounting a defense and aiding the accused in understanding his or her rights.

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