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Young athlete turns himself in and denies burglary charge

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

It can be very important to get ahead of the problem when it comes to a criminal charge. For instance, how you react to an arrest warrant is crucial. What you do may affect how you look before the court, should the case ultimately reach that stage.

A Florida attorney may help you proactively deal with a warrant. In a recent incident for instance, a college football player who is a Florida resident turned himself in to police in another state after authorities issued an arrest warrant against him for felony first-degree burglary. The teenage athlete allegedly stole a phone and wallet with two credit cards from a dormitory room.

Two female athletes reported these items missing, and claimed to have seen an unknown male entering their room early in the morning. The football player allegedly had access to the dormitory because he was staying there while attending a football camp.

An arrest warrant alone is not an indication of guilt or wrongoing, but it is important of be aware of all your options when dealing with one. In this case, the defendant’s lawyer promptly contacted local law enforcement once authorities issued the arrest warrant, and his client was out of jail on bond less than an hour after he turned himself in. The accused has denied the criminal charge against him.

A felony arrest need not destroy your life. Dealing responsibly with criminal charges may safeguard your future in such an event, and securing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney can be a good first step in taking on that responsibility.


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