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Why a skilled attorney is valuable in company mergers

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2015 | Mergers and Acquisitions

The Fed’s recent decision to hold off on raising interest rates will likely continue the fervent pace of mergers and acquisitions across a number of industries. After all, as long as money remains relatively inexpensive, and opportunities for businesses to protect themselves still remain, companies will continue to hedge their bets and seek partners to join up and targets to acquire.

In this business climate, it is important for executives and managers to understand the value of what experienced business law attorneys bring in facilitating mergers and acquisitions. This applies to companies who seek to purchase businesses as well as those who are likely to be acquired. This post will highlight a few of the things experienced counsel can bring.

Due Diligence – Any merger, regardless of how large or small the respective companies may be, can benefit from a comprehensive appraisal; including, its earnings reports, liabilities and any other potential legal problems that may come about. A skilled attorney can advise you of what can be expected during the transition and how red flags may be handled.

Integration Planning – Most acquisitions and purchases seem genuine and beneficial in the abstract, but when it actually comes to executing an acquisitions plan, how will it actually play out? Because of these uncertainties, the value of strategic integration planning cannot be underestimated.

Post Close Execution – The joining of two companies takes time, and there may be completed systems to be integrated. Skilled M&A attorneys can help stakeholders with prioritizing tasks and reducing risk.

If you have additional questions about the value that our business law attorneys can bring, we encourage you to contact us.