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Florida man charged with drug offenses after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2016 | Drug Charges

People in Florida know that the possession of drugs is illegal. For that reason, most people in the Sunshine State simply do not possess them. However, sometimes when a person is facing an arrest for allegedly possessing illegal drugs, he or she may make matters more complicated by attempting to flee from the authorities.

According to a recent report, a Florida state trooper pulled the 32-year-old man over for speeding. During the traffic stop, the trooper allegedly found illegal substances in the man’s vehicle. As the trooper attempted to make an arrest, the man decided to try to make an escape. He reportedly pushed the officer and sped away in his vehicle.

As the man sped off, he crashed his vehicle, leaving him attempting to flee the scene on foot; he was soon apprehended. The man currently faces charges for drug offenses. In addition, he was issued a number of other charges, including hit-and-run, battery on a law enforcement officer, and unlawful speed, all of which resulted from his interactions with the officer and his attempt to flee.

There is no question that being arrested on drug charges can be a stressful experience. And in such a situation, it is not unusual for a suspect to want to flee. Unfortunately, such actions can lead to other serious charges. These additional offenses could lead to increased penalties upon sentencing.

If you should find yourself facing multiple charges stemming from an alleged drug offense, it is important that you understand your legal options. An experienced Florida drug offenses attorney could explain these options, and work to help you get your best possible outcome.

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