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Holiday drinking can lead to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Drunk Driving

The holidays are a time not only for fun but also social obligations. Perhaps your place of work is having a big get together, and everyone is expected to make a showing. Or maybe you have friends or family who are throwing a party and your presence is required. But regardless of the circumstances, it is very likely that alcoholic beverages will be served at the parties you attend. This is all well and good, but you don’t want to let the festive spirit get the better of you by drinking too much before you get behind the wheel.

It is all too easy to let the warmth of the first drink lead to several more, especially while socializing. But if you are not careful and have one or two too many, you could find yourself being pulled over by the police as you are driving home. So, in the interest of helping you avoid being charged with driving under the influence, here are a few quick tips for drinking at parties:

  • Sip, don’t gulp your drink. Savor your drink rather than consuming for effect.
  • Eat while you drink. Having food in your stomach helps slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. High protein foods like cheese and nuts are especially good.
  • Be careful when trying new drinks. Some drinks, like those with rum and fruit, can be deceptively potent.
  • Slow your drinking pace by intermittently having a non-alcoholic drink.

And if you realize that your drinking has impacted your ability to drive in a safe and controlled manner, ask someone else to take you home or find some other alternative method of transportation. Make your holiday goal to have plenty of fun while always getting home safely.

But the fact is, when at a party, it’s not hard to overdo it a little bit with the alcohol. And if an evening of celebrating the holidays ends with being charged with DUI, you will likely want to have an experienced attorney help you handle the situation. The attorney can act on your behalf in an effort to minimize the severity of the penalties you may be facing, which could include fines, jail time or a loss of driving privileges.