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Can you get arrested for driving while high?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Although the process has been slow, states in America are starting to legalize recreational marijuana for its citizens. Although it is uncertain what the new Trump administration will do, for now it seems as though Americans want to the option of enjoying pot, and many states agree. Such drug use is still illegal on the federal level, though it appears the federal government is not enforcing the laws against recreational drug use.

Like drinking alcohol, many Americans enjoy the benefits and are willing to risk the dangers of taking drugs. Although marijuana use may seem like it is less likely to impair someone, it still does affect one’s brain and motor skills severely enough that someone under the influence of the drug is not in a condition to operate a motor vehicle. Not only could you be jeopardizing your own life or the life of your passengers, but innocent people on the roads could also be affected, whether they liked it or not.

While it is not considered drunk driving, it is still driving while under the influence, and it carries with it the same penalties as drunk driving. It may be a bit more difficult to prove, as a portable breathalyzer would be useless for someone suspected of drug driving, but field sobriety tests and drug tests can also come back positive, putting someone who uses drugs in a vey unfortunate and awkward situation.

If you are accused of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, you may want to reach out and see what legal options are available to you. Your future is too valuable to take for granted. Do not let a driving under the influence of drugs charge control and ruin your life and your future.

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