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Florida nurse arrested on prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Drug Charges

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of drug charges and it is important to note that individuals can face drug charges in a number of different circumstances, including for illegally obtain prescription drugs. A nurse in Florida was arrested recently for allegedly obtaining prescription drugs using the name and information of a dead patient. The 52-year old Tampa nurse allegedly used the dead patient’s name to obtain 30 Metolazone 10 mg tablets.

The patient whose name the nurse was allegedly using to obtain the prescription drugs has been dead since 2015. The prescription was called in using the dead woman’s name and DEA number. The doctor whose name was also provided received notifications over the past two years for prescriptions written in the name of the dead patient and another patient. The doctor said he did not write or authorize the prescription for the dead woman.

Additionally, surveillance video from a local retailer showed the nurse ordering prescriptions and she was positively identified from her driver’s license by one of the retailer’s employees. The nurse is facing charges of obtaining a legend drug by fraud and other fraud charges. Drug charges, including illegally obtaining, possessing or distributing prescription drugs, can carry harsh penalties and serious consequences. As a result, accused individuals should be familiar with their criminal defense rights.

It is important for accused individuals to ensure that all of their criminal defense rights have been protected so it is necessary for them to be familiar with what they are. If any of the accused individual’s rights were violated during the criminal justice process, it may serve as a basis to challenge the charges they are facing so it is essential for them to understand how to assert their rights and protect themselves as part of the criminal justice system.

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