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Overview of collateral consequences to convictions

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense

People who live in the Tampa area probably do not need to be told that getting convicted of a crime, even a misdemeanor, can carry with it serious consequences like jail time, fines and strict terms of probation. Additionally, there are court costs and other fees associated with these penalties.

Also, there is no doubt that having a criminal conviction can have serious consequences to one’s personal and professional reputations. However, what people don’t recognize is that there many laws, regulations and other formal policies out there which serve to deprive people with criminal convictions of certain benefits and privileges, even when they have served their time.

Anyone, and especially those who are contemplating pleading guilty to a charge, should be aware of these additional, collateral consequences to criminal convictions. These sorts of consequences can affect a Florida resident in a lot of different ways.

They can effectively disqualify a person from employment and can also effect that person’s ability to get financial aid necessary for a person to pursue and education. In some cases, a criminal conviction can impede a person’s ability to see his or her children as much as he or she would like. They can also hurt a person’s ability to find adequate and affordable housing.

A Florida criminal defense attorney in Hillsborough can help explain these consequences to a person who has the misfortune of finding themselves facing a criminal charge. The attorney can also help the person decide whether, in light of those consequences, to exercise their right to have a trial and a full and effective criminal defense to the charges.