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What is our office’s approach to drunk driving cases?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Drunk Driving

There are lots of attorneys out there who say they are ready to defend against drunk driving charges at a trial. Obviously, each of them have a slightly different approach to an OUI case.

The approach of our law office, which can be summarized as “get started early and investigate thoroughly” is one which we feel is effective. It is also proven to get results, as we have had several favorable outcomes for clients facing drunk driving charges.

Especially given how routinized OUI investigations have become, it is very important for us to act as quickly as possible to obtain evidence that will work to our client’s favor. Much of this type of evidence becomes unavailable quickly, so we like to be involved early on in a case and encourage people who need our assistance to contact us as soon as they can.

Assuming our client is on board, we also will consider challenging the administrative license suspension of our client in an administrative hearing, as doing so is a legal option every Tampa-area resident enjoys under Florida law. This hearing gives us the opportunity to get a good glimpse at what the prosecution will do at criminal trial, and it also gives us the chance to make the police divulge the details of their investigation and to commit to their statements.

When we look in to an OUI case, we don’t simply take things for granted. For example, we consistently challenge the results of field sobriety tests, as there really is little actual science behind them. In he right circumstances, we will also mount a challenge the results of a Breathalyzer or other testing device.