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Former law enforcement officer, son, facing battery allegation

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Florida authorities in a city near Tampa arrested a former sheriff’s deputy and his son on charges related to what the police described as a case of road rage. In addition to battery charges, police have filed other charges against the duo, including a criminal confinement charge.

According to police, the former deputy and his son were called to the scene of what may have started as an argument between the alleged victim and a third party about the alleged victim’s driving. The pair started to argue with the alleged victim.

The argument escalated, and the former deputy struck the man while he was in his car trying to call for emergency assistance. The former deputy allegedly yanked the man out of his car, and then he continued to hit him with the help of his son. Eventually, police say the deputy put the alleged victim in to a choke hold.

Although some of this altercation was caught on a surveillance camera at the gas station where the incident took place, it is important to remember that cameras can only show what happened at that time, not what led up to or followed a particular incident. Both of those accused have the right to have their side of the story told at a trial, as they may have defenses to their actions which could absolve them from criminal responsibility.

Especially since one of those accused is a former law enforcement officer, the penalties for these offenses can turn out to be quite severe and could even spell jail time for both of them. They will likely want a strong criminal defense in order to make sure that they protect their rights.

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