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What is a drug diversion program?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Drug Charges

If you are facing serious drug charges, you may wonder what your options are. You may also have heard about drug diversion programs and wondered what they are.

A drug diversion program is a process some accused individuals may qualify for that can result in the dismissal of charges against them if they fulfill specified requirements.

Drug diversion programs are rehabilitative programs that can result in the dismissal of all charges against the accused individual if they satisfy the conditions that have been agreed to. There are different types of diversion programs to be familiar with, and it is important to understand what options are available in the accused individual’s state.

One type is pretrial diversion which stops the case against the accused individual but may require them to complete counseling, community service or other requirements before the charges get dropped outright.

Another type of diversion program is deferred adjudication which, unlike pretrial diversion, occurs following the court process and the entry of a plea from the accused individual. Similar to pretrial diversion, if the accused individual satisfies the conditions laid out, the charges can be dismissed and the accused individual will no longer have a criminal record associated with the charges. In either case, if the conditions are not satisfied, the criminal process can proceed.

When facing criminal charges, it is important to be familiar with the range of options available to the accused individual. It is equally important to be familiar with your rights in a criminal case and how to protect yourself when facing serious criminal accusations and charges.