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Drunk driving arrest made after fatal Hillsborough county crash

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Drunk Driving

There are several reasons behind why drunk driving laws exist and are upheld. The ultimate goal is to increase public safety, both for the drunk driver themselves and any other driver or passenger on the road. Penalties for drunk driving have gotten steeper in recent years if a person is convicted of such a crime. A fatal accident recently occurred in Hillsborough County and the driver has been arrested in connection with that crash.

The accident happened with traffic heading south on Tampa’s I-75. The arrested, a 35 year old male, is accused of rear-ending a motorcyclist. The bike burst into flames and to make matters worse, the driver in the passenger vehicle left the scene of the crime. It wasn’t noted as to why alcohol is thought to have been a factor in the crash.

Nonetheless, the man has been arrested on two charges, for DUI charge of DUI manslaughter and for leaving the scene of a crash involving death. Both charges are very serious in nature, in the scope of all drunk driving related accusations. However, every person has a right to build a criminal defense against such serious allegations and criminal charges.

There could be more factors to this crash and those could be helpful for those building a criminal defense in this case. Drunk driving is illegal but also it is socially unacceptable. Even being accused of such a crime can damage a person’ reputation. Let alone being a person who is convicted of a criminal offense.