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One-time reality show cast member arrested for drug possession

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Drug Charges

When a drug arrest is made in Florida, some might believe that it was for the sale, distribution or trafficking of drugs. However, many people who are arrested simply face drug possession charges. In these cases, when a person faces drug charges, it is important to understand how to lodge a defense for an acquittal or seek an outcome that does not involve incarceration. Having legal help can be key to this goal.

A man who was once on a television reality show was arrested amidst drug possession allegations. The former cast member of “Deadliest Catch” had a warrant for his arrest when law enforcement found him and discovered a white powder in his possession, which was determined to be heroin.

With drug charges, there are certain aspects to remember when deciding what avenues to take to defend against the allegations. The drug itself will play a large role in the severity of the charges as will the amount of the drug discovered. There could have been a legitimate justification for the possession of drug paraphernalia. The circumstances of the arrest can be key to the case. If the search was not performed according to protocol, the evidence could be deemed inadmissible. The person could have a drug dependency that warrants treatment instead of incarceration. These factors and more must be assessed in formulating a defensive strategy.

People who are charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia must remember their rights. Having legal assistance might be the difference in their case and a qualified attorney experienced in drug charges can help.