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Facing a DUI with a commercial license? You need to defend it

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense

When you drive a commercial vehicle, you’re held to a higher standard than other drivers. If you decide to drive while intoxicated, then you could face a DUI and end up losing your license.

The interesting thing about DUIs for those with commercial licenses is that you don’t necessarily need to be in your commercial vehicle to lose your license. In fact, your intoxication doesn’t even need to be over the restrictive .04% limit or involve alcohol at all.

How can commercial drivers face DUIs and lose their licenses?

The first thing to note is that a commercial driver is limited to a blood alcohol content of .04%. If your blood alcohol content rises about this amount and you’re driving a semi or commercial vehicle, you can be pulled over and charged for a DUI.

Also important to note is that you cannot drink within four hours of your last alcoholic drink. So, even if your BAC is below .04%, evidence that your recently had a drink could result in a DUI and result in you losing your license if convicted.

Commercial drivers can also lose their licenses for DUIs caused by medications or drugs. So, if you are taking a new medication, like a sleep aid to help you sleep faster, make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to see the kinds of side effects you will have before you get behind the wheel.

What should you do if you do face a DUI?

If you’re charged with a DUI, you need to think about your legal defense as soon as possible. If that DUI turns into a conviction, you will face all the same penalties as a noncommercial driver. On top of those penalties, you can also face the loss of your commercial license, which may result in you losing your job.

As you can see, there are many ways that you could end up facing a DUI, even if you haven’t been drinking or haven’t had much to drink. It’s smart to fight back against the charges, because a conviction is likely to end your career, at least in the short-term.